Tips Cara Membuat Artikel Yang Baik

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Tips Cara Membuat Artikel Yang Baik
Tips cara membuat artikel yang baik, memang untuk membuat sebuah artikel dengan tulisan atau postingan yang baik dan bagus dibutuhkan keterampilan dan pengetahuan yang luas. Pengertian menulis adalah seatu keterampilan pengolahan data dan kata dalam merangkai kalimat-kalimat. Sedangkan pengertian artikel adalah suatu esai yang membahas suatu tema atau permasalahan dari sudut pandang penulis dengan berbagai pendapat dan sumber.
Berikut ini tips cara membuat artikel yang baik:
  • Penentuan judul ataupun topik yang akan dibuat semenarik mungkin. Tetap fokus pada satu judul atau topic yang akan dibahas
  • Cari dan kumpulkan informasi sebanyak-banyaknya. Baik dari internet, buku, Koran, maupun bertanya pada orang lain.
  • Membuat artikel atau tulisan yang mudah dimengerti. Jangan terlalu njlimet.
  • Jangan membuat artikel terlalu panjang ataupun pendek usahakan minimal 250 kata atau 3 paragraf.
  • Tidak usah membuat kata asing yang anda tidak tau artinya.
  • Sebelum dipublikasikan usahakan malakukan editing.
Keuntungan jika anda pandai membuat artikel yang baik:
  • Jika anda pandai membuat artikel alangkah baiknya bila orang lain bisa ikut membacanya dan mendapat manfaatnya.
  • Jika anda pandai membuat artikel anda bisa menjadi orang kaya.
  • Jika anda pandai membuat artikel anda bisa sangat terkenal.
  • Jika anda pandai membuat artikel anda akan banyak memiliki teman.
Kesemuanya ini bisa anda tuangkan dan wujudkan dengan menulisnya di website pribadi atau personal blog. Jika website atau blog anda banyak pengunjung yang mencari suatu informasi di website pribadi anda berarti anda benar-benar pandai membuat artikel yang baik. Nah anda bisa memanfaatkan banyaknya pengunjung untuk mempromosikan bisnis maupun jasa anda.
Berikut ini contoh membuat artikel dalam bahasa inggris:
Owning, running and maintaining an internet based business or a site needs articles. Plain and simple, every who has a site knows this. Even those who don’t have sites but are frequent internet users knows this as well. Articles quench the thirst for information and knowledge of the people. Plus, the articles provides many other benefits for the site. The benefits that articles provide are putting a site high in the ranking in search results of keywords and keyword phrases that pertains or are relevant to his or her site. They also provide attraction to website visitors when they are appreciated and is linked to your site from another site or newsletter. Articles provide for the increase of the confidence and trust levels of customers to your site and company.
Many articles are also beneficial to both company and its traffic. When the readers like the articles, they would tell more of their friends, family and peers and recommend your site to them, providing for a larger volume of traffic. You get bigger sales if your traffic trusts and believes in you. Your product or services would be much easier to sell when they know you know what you are doing and talking about. So ok, we have established that articles are very important to a site and to business. Articles are crucial and to keep ahead in the game, a site must have an article, it is imperative. There is one dilemma though, not many people like writing articles. Many website owners would rather spend their time on something else, and unless you’re a big time company, you don’t have the necessary resources to use on a pool of article writers. Plagiarism or copying of other articles is frowned upon and could easily get you into trouble, worst case scenario; a hefty fine and jail time.
So what are the other options?
Well, for starters if you hate writing articles and you can’t afford to hire people to write for you then don’t. Get free articles. The first place to look at for free articles is the public domain.  Here you won’t have problems with copyright infringement and the following penalties and fines if you get caught for plagiarism.
Public domain articles are articles freely given to the public for public use. You can do whatever you want with it. You can place it on your site, name it as yours, put it in a newsletter its you decision. Always remember though that you will have to choose articles that is very relevant to your site.
The downside to public domain articles is that since it is free for everybody, many of your competitors may have access to them as well. Since every site needs to be original and unique even though you have the same niche, this could be a predicament. You may also have to edit them a bit to place more keywords and keyword phrases to make them better.
Another way to get free articles is to allow other sites which has the same subject or topic as yours to submit articles to your site. This would be only to augment your existing content or else all your articles would be leading to other sites since these articles would have resource boxes with them that could link or direct the readers to their site. That’s why it is important to have your own articles; you cold use them to link your site to other sites as well.
But, to truly feel the impact of what a good article to you, go for original ones. There are many article writers who do part time and freelance article writing jobs that charges only minimal fees. You can get good articles that have all the keywords and keyword phrases you need and people are looking for.
The investment you made for these articles would be worthwhile because you could use them for all the benefits you could offer. You hold copyrights to them and you will be able to use them anyway you want. As your articles help you in building your business and your site, you will have more articles to write and maybe then you wont be having second thoughts about articles.
Semoga tips cara membuat artikel yang baik dapat bermanfaat bagi pembaca….

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